A Mothers Day Letter

A Mothers Day Letter

“You, are exceptional and wonderful, and all things that are good in this world. And, I know that even the world falls short of its natural beauty at times, but just the thought that I, we, anyone that has ever met you, gets to be on this planet with you, is a marvellous and charming thought.

Because, you, you are the second star to the right. You may choose to not to shine as brightly as the first star, but when someone looks up to find you, you are there, twinkling as bright as you can and it is a beautiful, beautiful thing, to have a heart like yours. It is a marvellous thing to finally be old enough, to understand that you live to help the people that you can, and I can not imagine how many people you have been a shining light to.

& Who am I? To be lucky enough to be loved by you. When you are a shining light to lead people home. All I know is, I would have to be the luckiest girl in the world if I turned out to be anything like you.

Because you are exceptional, and wonderful and far far greater than anything on this earth. Happy Mothers day beautiful mum!
P.s. I mean it when I say I couldn’t survive without you, because you’re my shining light too.”


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