A re-occuring understanding

A re-occuring understanding

I started writing this with a list of three things I had come to a deeper understanding of this week. It wasn’t until I begin to write about these things I realised they are not so different, they are all a cause and effect of one another. So, here I am, starting this again, and please bare with me here as I try to fathom my thoughts together.

So lets start with, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green ( if you have failed to see the movie or read the book, please refrain from reading any further and step away from the screen, until you make the courageous decision, to do so… side note: take tissues with you.)

TFIOS is by far one of my favourite books that I’ve ever read, after watching it for the first time on the big screen the other day, it put me into a mood of ‘everything is deeper then it seems’. You know those moods? No? Okay.. maybe it’s just me.

But it got me thinking, how you are born, and you have an almost an infinite number of days, hours, minutes between when you are born and when you die. Some infinities are simply bigger then others.

So, time, can either be our little piece of infinity.
today can be today, and tomorrow, tomorrow, and we all have our own certain number of days we have, a list of how many 24hours we are given.
And when you think about it that way, it’s kind depressing, right? For days to be just days, for time to have no purpose but for you to kill it.

Moving on, I was watching a musical the other day about love (classic me) but during this movie, it hit me, like I mean it really hit me hard that love, love isn’t, well love isn’t a lot of things, like love isn’t a way to pass your time, in fact, I guess a lot of being spend a lot of time waiting for it. I realised that falling in love honestly means feeling so much for someone that your heart feels full. I’ve heard a lot about love, and I’ve grown up surrounded by lots of people in love, but I never quite took into account how real it is until the other day, to feel so much for someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. (I heard it even makes you go a little crazy.) (I always knew I would fall in love and want to spend my whole life with someone one day, but I never really fully understood what that meant till know, and I guess I won’t either, until I fall in love).

My third point, is not so much a third point at all, rather a concluding reasoning of my first 2 points.

One of the most important things I learnt whilst doing my diploma in counselling, it’s that you don’t actually give advice. No, you simply listen and ask questions so the client stumbles upon the answer they truly want. Simply, they find their own remedy. And although I am no counsellor and you are not a client, every time I write ‘If I was to give you one piece of advice’ honestly, I struggle with it a little, because who am I to give you a piece of advice you may not even read, or need. (Granted, I’ll probably continue with my little pieces of advice in the future, but for right now, I’m gonna do this a little different to usual.)

So, this is me not giving you any advice, not coming to any conclusion. I’m just going to let it sit with you what I’ve said about days being more then just time, and about love being more then just lust.
Because sometimes, we don’t get conclusions, like what happens to the Swiss man, or Hazel after the last chapter of the book. So, we make our own hypothesis, our own alternative endings.
So go for it, ask your self all the questions you need to figure out what conclusion it is you want to come too, whether its about love, or time, or the final chapter of a book we’ll never get to read.
Ask yourself what you want, because their is no one better to give you what you want to hear, then you, yourself.

So, good luck,
I’ll be here (figuring it out for myself too).

Until next time.
Katie -J.


2 thoughts on “A re-occuring understanding

  1. I love watching love stories and really sad movies that I know are going to make me cry sometimes. I just get in those moods.

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