Visiting an Old Friend / Old State of Minds


To put it quite frankly; I didn’t quite feel like it. Not anymore. For quite some time.

I didn’t want to blog, and share all about my life, on the internet, nor did I want to write something I might later regret, or change my mind on.

But eventually; we always come back to what we love, and I love to write, here, with your eyes reading over it.

I’ve been on quite a series of adventures since we met last, some I couldn’t begin to explain. Nor had I been bothered too, like I said.

Until I met up with an old friend last night, he said & I quote “I remember reading your blogs, before we were even friends, and they inspired me to travel.”

And my mindset changed, because that was all I needed to know, that if one of those belonged posts or ‘moments inside Katie’s mind’, inspired someone, made them smile, whatever.. then it would all be worth it. Even when and if, I didn’t feel like it.

I realised that if we do things only when and if we’re in the mood, we’re never going to get anything done. And I didn’t want to be that person. I wanted to get somewhere, be someone with my writing, and we all have to start somewhere. And if inspiring one person was my beginning? Then that gives me all the reason in the world to continue.

I realised my writing had become selfish, very much exclusively for me. That meaning, I had lost all purpose for it.

Why create music for your ears only? Why write a novel, for only your eyes to read?

Versus all odds, and fears, and disbeliefs, putting your thoughts and talents out there, makes it easier.

Easier for me? Because I’m not keeping it all in. I’m writing for a purpose, a reason, in hopes someones eyes may land upon it and smile.

Easier for you? Maybe it’s nice to know someone feels the same way, or its nice to read some real thoughts, or it’s something to look forward too.

Either way, we’re holding each other accountable, and I think thats pretty cool. Even if neither of us felt like it, we got each-others back.

Because God didn’t put us in this world to be on our own, nor did he give us our talents to keep them to ourselves.

So I vow, not only to myself, but to you;

I will keep writing, regularly.

I will post stories, adventures, long lost thoughts, and maybe even some poems.

In hopes that, even if one person reads them, they smile.

In belief that, we can rely on each other to keep up  our ends of the deal.

Because sometimes, it’s a whole lot easier knowing you’re not doing things alone.


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