Running for the Future


I fell in love that day, but not in the way you’d think. I fell in love with the air, that graced my body with its brisk touch. I fell head over heels for natures perfume, rain against the earth. My heart beat faster for the clouds that ever so quickly escaped my stare, and changed into something new. They reminded me, of me.  I fell in love with all the opportunities in the world, when I realised they were surrounding me. They weren’t sitting at my feet, waiting for me, I would have to walk, and work hard, to find them, but each open door, leads to more. So I ran.

I ran, and as I did it became easier to run faster, and tear off old leaves, and branches that were holding on to me, pulling me down, I ran faster, and I ran harder, and each step I took, was a step towards freedom,  which each step, it became clear to me once more, that I had all the opportunities in the world, and all I needed to be,  was me.

There was comfort in the fact that I wasn’t, nor will I never be alone. Whatever path I stumble upon, my Heavenly Father has already walked for me, whatever sins I am to commit, he has already taken the pain for me, and he will forgive me, when I run to him. As long as I run to him.

DSC_0368 1-2

That’s why I’m running. I run towards freedom, to love, to grace. I run to the one who created me. I run when it rains, I run when it storms, I run when my world takes a turn. Because He is the only one who can save me. He is the only one who can heal me. He is the only one that can take me out of the maze I’m running circles in and place me in a path, where I run with him. He, is the only one I desire. & for all these reasons and more; I will always run to him,


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